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Ultimate Escape Events

UltimateESCAPE partners with churches, schools and other organizations to provide workshops and seminars for teens and adults.  These interactive events provide accurate information about sexuality and are designed to help families and churches talk openly about sexual issues.  With a fresh and creative approach, Steve Holladay uses his signature phrase, "You can learn a lot about sex from a ____" to make learning comfortable, enjoyable and unforgettable!

Topics Covered: 

Sex and the Brain                 Culture and Sex                       Theology of Sex
Healthy Relationships           Addiction Sexual Behavior        Sexual Identity
Talking to Children About Sex


Ages:  Grade 6 -adults


What People are Saying: 

"I think that this retreat has changed my life.  It has opened new doors for me.  It has improved my walk with God."
male, age 14, McKinney, TX

"I like how you can find freedom.  I have done some things that I am not proud of, but through God, and forgiveness, I can be free...Thanks!"
female, age 16, Allen, TX

"The whole thing was AMAZING!... I really loved all the physical demonstrations."
female, age 15, Allen, TX

"Outstanding job this weekend.  We will be blessed for years to come.  Thank you so much for your wonderful ministry."
 Scott Thibodeaux, Youth Minister, Duncanville, TX

"I connected with everything he (Steve) was talking about.  It totally changed my views on sex and sex before/and after marriage.
male, age 14, Allen, TX

"Amazing way you made it less awkward.  THANK YOU!!"
female, age 15, Midlothian, TX

"Attending this program...allowed me to reevaluate who I am.  I believe everyone should see this program at both a younger and older age.  Thank you!"
female, age 17, Van Alstyne, TX

"...helped me understand the way God sees sexuality. Thanks!!!”
male, age 16, DeSoto, TX

“I’ve been through things in my past and I tried to run away from. You coming here this weekend makes me realize that running is not the best option. Thank you!!”
female, age 15, Cedar Hill, TX

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