“I feel like you have opened a knowledge door to my life.”     17-year old male from Brentwood, Tennessee


"The most moving retreat I have ever been to.  -  Thank you, Steve, for everything."  16-year old male from Van Alstyne, Texas


"You did an amazing job!  Thanks a bunch   I gained a lot from this!"     16-year old female from McPherson, Kansas


"This is the best weekend of mylife. I could not thank you enough. God, through you, has given me the strength to overcome my greatest fears and my biggest struggles. Thank you again."  18-year old male from McKinney, Texas


"I liked the whole weekend. I've gone to this twice now, and each time I've learned something different."  16-year old female from Allen, Texas


"I love that you incorporated things that most people will not think about, like Play-doh, to demonstrate things. That really struck a chord with me. I really want to share it with peole that could not make it."  15-year old female from Prosper, Texas


“You are good! You are really, really good!"     16-year old male from Murfreesboro, Tennessee



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