Topics Covered

Sex in Modern Culture

Images and messages about sexuality are impossible to escape.  Are we aware of the beliefs we are forming?  An honest look at sex in our culture exposes illusions and reveals the truth.  Find out what you can learn about sex from a can of Diet Dr. Pepper. 


A Fun Theology of Sex

You can learn a lot about sex from a chocolate bunny, and from scripture.  God's word provides much more than a set of rules for sex.  It describes sex as an exciting, pleasurable and fulfilling part of the human experience.  Catch God’s vision as you learn about sex from a hole in the wall.


Understanding Addictive Behavior

Countless individuals are trapped in a cycle of behavior they don’t understand.  They want desperately to stop but feel hopeless.  What is the real problem?  You will always remember the power of a noodle once you experience the truth about addiction and see what drives the cycle.


Understanding Sexual Identity

We live in a culture filled with confusing messages about identity, and those messages often involve sexuality.  How do we determine our identity, and who decides what we are?  Explore the concept of identity and see what dynamics may be influencing yours.  Discover what you can learn about sexual identity from balls!


Sex and the Brain

Contrary to cultural myths, the most important sexual organ is the brain.  Learn how brain structures and neurochemicals interact and make sex incredibly powerful and captivating.  Discover the connection between sex and emotional bonding.  You will understand “hotness” much better as you learn about sex from a branding iron.

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