A Fun Theology of Sex


Sex is not bad, shameful, or dirty.  Truth is, God came up with the whole idea and intends for it to be an important part of a safe and intimate marriage.  God wants people to enjoy great sex!  

Unfortunately, churches and families have failed to present a healthy picture of sexuality.  In a culture saturated with images and messages about sex, about the only places one can go and NOT hear about sex are home and church.  And these are the two places young people should be hearing about it consistently!

In this Ultimate Escape presentation "A Fun Theology of Sex," Steve Holladay will take you on a journey through scripture that paints an overall picture of what God originally intended sex to be. (full presentation is below)

You can learn a lot about sex from a chocolate bunny, and from scripture.  God's word provides much more than a set of rules for sex.  It describes sex as an exciting, pleasurable and intimate part of the human experience.  Catch God’s vision for a lifetime of sexual fulfillment as you learn about sex from a hole in the wall!


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