Addictive Sexual Behavior


Addictive sexual behavior may be the single most common struggle among Christian teens.  With internet access and smart phones becoming universally available at yonger and younger ages, issues like porn and sexting are affecting almost every family.  Due to the progressive nature of addiction, the building block behaviors of fantasy, porn and masturbation often lead to more involved behaviors over a relativey short period of time.

Many Christian parents are aware of the issues, but are convinced their children would never be involved in such behaviors. In reality, more Christian teens than not are involved is these behaviors.  It is common for young people to struggle in silence, believing they are the only ones, especially if they have grown up in a family that does not talk about "such things."

Ultimate Escape was founded by Steve and Holly Holladay to present truth about sexual issues.  In the Ultimate Escape presentation, Addictive Sexual Behaviors, you can learn about the topic and some basic steps involved in the recovery journey.  (full presentation is below)

Countless individuals are trapped in a cycle of sexual behavior they don’t understand. They want desperately to stop but feel hopeless. What is the real problem? How does one escape the cycle? Lasting freedom involves much more than changing behavior, it requires transforming the mind, engaging emotions, authentic relationships and spiritual healing. Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” Learn the truth, and practical strategies for utilizing it.  You might be surprised to see how a noodle can be getting in the way of your freedom.





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