Ultimate Escape is guided by the following fundamental beliefs as we pursue our mission.

  • God, as creator of the universe, is the author of sexuality.  As such, He is the authority regarding appropriate and fulfilling sexual expression, and best knows how sexuality should be experienced and managed.
  • God's word, the Bible, describes sexual behavior in the context of marriage between a husband and wife as good, exciting, pleasurable, and part of God's design for the human experience.
  • God's word also places boundaries around sexual behavior.  Erotic sexual behavior between individuals outside the context of marriage is not consistent with God's purpose for sexual expression as described in the Bible.
  • All people are created in the image of God and should be deeply valued.  Regardless of one's sexual behavior, beliefs, values or history, all people are worthy of respect and should be treated with the love, compassion and kindness modeled by Jesus. 
  • God is the source of hope, healing and redemption.  God can heal the pain of sexual trauma and abuse, bring freedom to those enslaved by addiction, bring order from the chaos of sexual confusion and brokenness, and restore what has been destroyed by destructive behavior.  God's grace and forgiveness are available to all and needed by all.

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