Talking to Children About Sex


Many Christian parents desire to protect their children from hearing anything about sex because they don't want to "contaminate" their minds or rob them of their childhood innocence. Unfortuntely, culture bombards our children with sexual content and it is impossible to protect them from every potential source.  No matter how much we try to protect them, children are going to be exposed to images and messages about sexuality.  Much of what they hear and see results in confusion and an inaccurate understanding of the issue.

A better approach is to begin educating children at a young age through consistent, age-appropriate healthy conversations.  Instead of spending years dreading having "the talk" when their children become teens, parents should lay the foundation for open dialogue about sexuality when children are young,  If parents begin talking with their children at age 3-4 about foundational issues, children will learn they can talk to their parents about the topic and it will always have been "normal" for them.

In the Ultimate Escape presentation "Talking to Children About Sex," Steve Holladay helps parents, grandparents and others who work with children understand the need for early education about the topic. (full presentation is below)  Full of practical information, Steve discusses the "why" and the "how to" develop a pattern of healthy conversation that can be comfortable for parents and children.

One of the most difficult challenges for parents is talking with their children about sex. Yet, it is one of the most important topics to address in a hyper-sexual culture, and the process should begin at an early age. Whether you are a parent, grandparent or mentor to a young person, learn how to initiate ongoing conversation and be equipped to address vital issues.  Generations long into the future will thank you for establishing a legacy of healthy sexuality in your family!



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