Understanding Sexual Identity


Sexual identity is a subject that can evoke a range of emotions in our current cultural climate. Whether it is trying to understand their own thoughts or feelings, or wrestling with how to respond to a friend or family member, many young people experience confusion around the topic.  

Sexual identity involves more than orientation or direction of one's attractions.  It also involves one's sense of gender and intentions for behavior.  For many people of faith, the subject is also connnected to spiritual values and religious teachings.  Understanding the big picture surrounding sexual identity can be very helpful to anyone seeking answers about the topic.

In the Ultimate Escape presentation "Understanding Sexual Identity," Steve Holladay presents an overview of sexual identity and explores some of the dynamics related to the topic.
(full presentation is below)

Our culture is filled with confusing messages about identity and sexuality. How do we determine who we are, and who decides what we are? How do followers of Jesus respond to individuals around this issue?  Explore the concepts of attractions and identity, and see what dynamics may be influencing yours. Discover what you can learn about sexual identity from balls!




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