What People Are Saying

“It’s been a long time since I’ve witnessed that much attention from the teens in any class.”

- A. Johnson, Youth Minister - Pegram, TN Pegram Church of Christ

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your workshop.  I feel as if my son has been saved from this addiction.  God is using you for an awesome ministry.  You are ...read more

- Anonymous mother of teens

“In the weeks following your series of presentations at our church, we've heard nothing but positive things concerning your talks! Please continue this good fight…The walls of silence need to be broken so that so many ...read more

- Carol Bartilson, Vice President, ECMO Advantage - Smyrna, TN

“I have heard many related presentations before…I did not expect to learn anything new. I was surprised. (Steve) presented more information in a relatively brief period of time than anyone I have ever before witnessed. His talk ...read more

- David S. Thornton, M.A., M.Div., L.P.C. – Nashville, TN

“Steve’s professionalism and expertise in preparation and presentation of his material was first rate…I highly recommend Steve and his ministry to anyone interested in helping others in the vital area of sexuality.”

- David Sims, 12-Step Ministry Coordinator, Longview, TX

“If you are in need of addressing the tough issues in regard to teenage sexuality and you desire a Christian approach in doing it, then Steve Holladay is God’s man.”

- Drew Rimback, Student Minister - Dickson, TN

“You are good! You are really, really good!”

- Ethan, age 16, Murfreesboro, TN

“Thank you so much for helping me; I feel free and at peace now that I have really asked God for forgiveness and am allowing Him to heal the wounds and grow me into the Christian woman He intends ...read more

- Female age 19—Charlotte, NC

"I want to commend you for your courage and ability to deal with this facet of our lives. I'm hardly a teen but took away much from your presentation."

- G. Wilson - Murray, KY

"Your teens will be blessed by the information that this caring man and gifted Christian therapist will share with you. Ultimate Escape - it’s the way out that every Christian teen needs."

- Jeff Walling - Charlotte, NC

“Thank you for coming!”

- Lauren, age 13 – Allen, TX

“Not only did he present very helpful material, but he did so in a creative manner that proved engaging and, at times, appropriately humorous.”

- Lee Camp, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics, Lipscomb University - Nashville, TN

“Every time I hear you speak, you leave me wanting to hear more.”

- Male age 15 - Greensboro, NC

"This weekend my family watched the DVD “The Ultimate Sexual Experience."  My wife and I were unsure what to expect, but we felt that it was important to share your message with our girls, now 14, 13, and 10.  We ...read more

- Mark Slayton, Greensboro NC

“Steve’s biblical, straightforward, and tasteful presentations on healthy sexuality received the highest praise from every segment of our congregation.”

- Mark Taylor, Pulpit Minister - Edmond, OK

“His ability to not only communicate but, more importantly, connect with audiences on what we all know is a sensitive topic, sexual temptation, is a gift from God…”

- Michael T. Lucas, Preaching Minister - Virginia Beach, VA

"Steve is an exceptional communicator. I heard him speak for over two hours and could have listened to him for two more. Parents need to hear him. Youth need to hear him. Church staff need to hear him. He is ...read more

- Mike Ripski, Senior Pastor - Nashville, TN

"I really appreciated your presentation...I have been working with high school students for 16 years now, and I don’t think there is a more devastating or more pervasive problem out there than the porn epidemic."

- Steve Warren, Jackson Christian School, Jackson, TN

“I have never heard anything like this before. What you are saying needs to be shared!”

- Sue, age 63 - Edmond, OK

"You have not only opened a huge, heavy door, but you’ve illuminated what once was only a dark, dusty, cavernous room."

- Tamie Ross, Associate Online Editor, The Christian Chronicle - Oklahoma City, OK

"Your presentation at Antioch was spot on – well delivered and most timely…Many are unaware that lots of good “church goin’” kids are struggling so mightily with inner demons. Carry the torch high!”

- Tommy Irons, elder - Antioch, TN
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